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organic seeds masseeds corn sunflower

Organic Seeds

We provide high quality organic CORN and SUNFLOWER seeds

We put our seed experience in organic seed production

Organic seeds are multiplied on organic production fields. Our factory in France is ORGANIC certified in order to deliver high quality organic seeds.

MAS Seeds and the Maïsadour Cooperative have intensified their development in organic farming the last 10 years. In addition to responding to a growing market, we have worked on improving and developing techniques and processes to support farmers in organic farming. 

MAS Seeds is a specialist in seed production. Our more than 70 years of experience in seeds and know-how in seed production, both in the field and in the factory, are fundamental in organic seed production. Our organic seeds are produced on experienced organic farms that comply with all the rules and procedures required by the specifications.

Our goal is to produce seeds of excellent germinate quality to ensure a very good start of the crop.





Varieties suitable for organic farming

In addition to their technical performance MAS Seeds organic portfolio is selected on 3 main criteria:

Early vigor to reach good density

  • To prevent from pest attacks
  • To limit competition with weeds through faster inter-row colonization

Tolerance to diseases and insects

  • Our European trial network allows us to select genetics with good tolerances against diseases and insects

Tolerance to drought

  • Variety tested and approved for its good behavior under stress, will condition the regularity of the yield.



To find more about the ORGANIC seed portfolio visit product pages of the country websites and simply filter by "organic" seeds. 


organic maize corn masseeds

Organic Corn: a large portfolio of organically produced corn seeds for grain or silage use.

sunflower organic masseeds

Organic Sunflower: A greate selection of organically produced sunflower seeds